Dear Readers: I finally, after all these years, got my act together. My new blog can be found at talkingbear.org. I have also moved all the posts and comments from this blog over ot the new address, so you don't have to switch back and forth.

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New site...

talkingbear.pl is undergoing surgery...

Hopefully have a better site for you soon. Also more to come on talkingbear.org in the New Year...

Szcęśliwego Nowego Roku 2008 and hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

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Kraków Soup Festival - "Super Soup" etc...

Aired on Polskie Radio dla Zagranicy 22.5.2007. Link to report here. Audio (mp3) can be downloaded here.

On a Saturday in May, Kraków’s district of Kazimierz becomes full of visitors from around the world for the annual Soup Festival which is held on Plac Nowy in the heart of the old Jewish quarter. Last weekend provided food for thought for residents and visitors alike, giving warm refreshment after Friday’s ‘Night of Museums’ in Poland’s cultural capital. On a hot afternoon, things got hotter as more than twenty different soups were put on trial and the good citizens of Kraków and beyond were treated to soups made for the occasion by various restaurants from throughout the city. The festival, which is run by the KTO theatre company, is a celebration of what brings people together in a way that transcends quite possibly all cultures on earth. Soup is something that has managed to do that, and with soups from around the world and of varying tastes, the 6th edition of the Soup Festival was more than just a day out.
I met some soup revellers and they told of their culinary adventures:
We had tomato and banana soup, it was amazing, it was fantastic. These French women served it to us and they were lovely, and the soup was beautiful. I don’t think I could eat too much of it, because it’s very sweet, but it was the perfect amount, it was delicious.
What kind of soup did you have today?
This is kapuśniak, and it’s very good. It’s a fat soup, but I’m not afraid of getting fat…
Spirits were high, and as the jury decision was being made for the competition for the day’s best soup, others tried out more concoctions, although there was some criticism from orthodox soup lovers:
I ate Thai soup, with coconut and chicken, and it was really hot you know, but for me, it’s not a soup. I also ate soup with tomato and bananas, but also, it’s not a soup, because a soup for me needs meat, bones, eyes and brain I guess…
I met with Piotr Zajączkowski, co-owner of Edo Sushi Bar in Kazimierz, who was serving one of his soups to the eager crowds:
Can you tell me, what kind of soup are you preparing this year?
This time, we’re preparing soup from asparagus, with salmon, marinated in miso.
And last year, what kind of soup?
Last year was kimu-chi jige, it was a Korean soup.
It was this soup that won him second place in last year’s battle for the best brew, and his asparagus and salmon soup certainly got my vote. Other soups on offer included a nettle and pomegranate seed clear soup, an interesting taste; and a well-heeled red lentil broth, not its first outing at the festival it seemed:
And actually last year I remember trying the same, and it was very sophisticated soup. Yeah I liked it, I liked it actually.
The Soup Festival of 2007 was a heart-warming event, and bringing food to back to basics in the company of friends and strangers alike made for an amazing atmosphere, especially in the setting of a sun-drowned weekend afternoon in one of the most beautiful areas of town. Will this year’s winner, the Thai Galangal soup from the Horai restaurant, make a comeback next year?

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Coffee Culture in Kraków - Link Update

Polskie Radio (current) link to report and mp3. Audio also here.


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Down in Śląsk

I realised that I need to upload a few things. More to come.

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It's time for...

The following months are showing to be pretty full, not just from a personal point of view, but from a professional one also. Most changes will happen on the radio front, as I hope to be hosting my own show from July on the Polish Radio External Service, which (I have been told, at any rate) will also be broadcasting on FM in Warsaw and then throughout Poland in the near future (that means within a year or so probably...). Of course I shall be keeping you all up to date with that front. Also: teaching at TEU until the end of the semester, and then... Another year? Ah yes, and the translation business at Wagony Świdnica. Thank God for automobiles (even if they are quite agèd). I'm going to find out how much travelling around Poland I can take over the next few months. It should be exciting, and I'm looking forward to it, as long as I get paid (harshly materialistic I know, but...).

I think a redrafting of the CV will be in order before too long...

For now though, it's time for...

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